Adrien Henri Tanoux 1865-1923

"In subsequent years, Tanoux returns to nudes such as: "Après le Bain" 1912, " Fleur du Mal " 1913 or "Parfums troublants" in 1914. "Noted for his nude paintings of sensual and voluptuous women, he practices a figurative style, tender and Mannerist. Often his models are placed in a well-toned atmosphere where he plays light and shade with skill."

Probably some would argue that this isn't even an Orientalist theme. While others have argued that certain Orientalist painters were using Orientalism a pretext to paint naked women, Tanoux proves here that he didn't need any pretext at all. One could probably write a book about this painting which must have been seen as a bit naughty at the time, I suppose the monkey is the only thing Oriental/exotic to be noted. It would be interesting to learn just what inspired Tanoux to include him in this painting.

Après le Bain

"Après le Bain"- 1912.

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