Adrien Henri Tanoux 1865-1923

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"The harem beauty"
signed and dated: 'Tanoux 1918' (Lower left)
oil on canvas
(55 x 38.4 cm.)

This exceptional 1918 painting by Tanoux, was sold at auction in 2008 for $47,357 USD. (Christie's Sale 7587, 19th Century European Art including Orientalist and Spanish Art. 2 July 2008 London, King Street.) The image shown above is from Christie's online catalogue for this auction, however I have added the frame and restored somewhat the color and contrast. This then is perhaps closer to what the painting might have looked like nearly 100 years ago. Tanous appears to have put more work into this painting than many of his others, adding more details than usual, including many of his often repeated decor item such as walls with broken and missing tiles, marble pillars, oriental/Persian/Ottoman carpet, and smoking brazier...


Ccmpare this one that I found searching the internet, described as:

19th C TURKISH DOME FOOTED BRAZIER WITH FIGURAL ENGRAVINGS: The scalloped domed foot raising a two handled scalloped edged wide and flat rimmed circular well, engraved allover with a series of animalistic and figural cartouches, some figures with animalistic or bird heads, or with tails, with conforming removable inner bowl and onion dome cover with crescent knob, 17"h. x 17 1/2"diameter.

I speculate that crecent knobs are standard feature, as the brazier illustrated by Tanoux also appears to have a cresent shaped knob. By a coincidence the brazier in this photo is sitting on a Persian rug and we can see that Tanoux has given his rug the same colors that are so typical of these rugs with their accompanying fringe. We must remember though that Bonnat, who was the instructor of Tanoux, stressed simplicity in art above high academic finish, as well as overall effect rather than detail. This can perhaps explain the minimalistic nature of the tile patterns and other decorations employed by Tanoux. Bonnat may be right though, who looks at the tiles in a painting like this?

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