Adrien Henri Tanoux 1865-1923

Fleur du Mal

"Fleur du Mal"- 1913

"In subsequent years, Tanoux returns to nudes such as: "Après le Bain" 1912, " Fleur du Mal " 1913 or "Parfums troublants" in 1914. "Noted for his nude paintings of sensual and voluptuous women, he practices a figurative style, tender and Mannerist. Often his models are placed in a well-toned atmosphere where he plays light and shade with skill."

Unfortunately this very small photograph of the painting is all I can find for the moment, probably it can be found in some old auction catalogue, if anyone has a better copy of this please share it with us.

Epilogue 12/09/2012


David Jones has just sent us this great photo of this Tanoux painting, that is surely one of his best, and is now found in Yusopov Palace, St. Petersburg.

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