Adrien Henri Tanoux 1865-1923

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"La belle orientale"
signed and dated 'Tanoux 1901-' (lower right)
oil on canvas
(81.5 x 55 cm.)

A reproduction of this painting can be found in the Tajan 2010 auction catalogue #9561 ARTS D'ORIENT, TABLEAUX ORIENTALISTES 29/11/2010 Paris, Lot # 295 estimates were 10,000/12,000 EUR. (click here to download this great catalogue)

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In the images above, I show this painting somewhat restored on the left, while the right side image is from the Tajan catalogue and shows the actual color of this painting today, which has, I suspect ,faded over the years. I show the painting in a frame at the top of this page in a restored state with the colors returned to their original brightness.

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oil on canvas
oil on canvas
(55 x 46 cm.)

This painting is reproduced in an online catalogue by HONFLEUR ENCHERES S.A.R.L for their auction July 15, 2012. In their information for this item, Lot # 65, they note that it has been reproduced in a 1924 catalogue. If anyone has a copy of this please send me an email it must be rare.
"Reproduit dans le catalogue "peintures et dessins" de l'artiste, exposé du 4 au 24 novembre 1924 à la galerie Charpentier,79 St Honoré, Paris."
The painting appears to be damaged in the present auction catalogue photo, shown below on the right, I have restored it on the left and framed image above.


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"Nu couché"
signed 'Tanoux. 1921-' (bottom right)
oil on canvas
(73 x 49 cm.)

This painting is also listed in the Honfluer auction it is Lot #64.

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"Odalisque au Tambourine"
signed 'Tanoux. 1905-' (lower right)
oil on canvas
(55 x 38 cm.)

A reproduction of this painting can be found in the Millon 2012 auction catalogue ARTS D'ORIENT ET ORIENTALISME Paris auction 04/06/2012. Lot 348 estimated at 8,000 /12,000 EUR, The Millon catalogue can be downloaded from their site www.millon-associes.com (click here to see the ARTS D'ORIENT ET ORIENTALISME catalogues page.)

Below I show the catalogue image on the right and a restored image on the left, that is also shown in the framed image above. It may be that the original colors of this painting were never this bright, however I present them here as an option to the possibly faded colors that we see today.

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