Adrien Henri Tanoux 1865-1923

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signed and dated 'Tanoux 1921' (bottom left )
oil on canvas
(74 x 100 cm)
*Salammbo is the heroine of a romantic novel set in Carthage by Gustave Flaubert

Here is a painting Tanoux created in the last few remaining years of his life, and fortunately you can find high resolution images of this painting on the internet, however all of them have been cropped so that part of the right arm is missing, this I discovered when I found a low resolution picture of the whole painting at bridgemanart.com I was stuck, how could I present a cropped image in a frame? I decided to try to invent the small part that was missing, after all almost no one looks at this arm (unless it is missing) so the reader will have to forgive this temporary digital modification, click here to see a high resolution image of most of this painting.

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created by L. A. Miller in collaboration with Jean Duday.


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